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[UPDATE] - PS4'a'Cheater - Cheater apk for Android

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Hello everyone!



*** NEW October RELEASE 3.0.359  ****

- Games 177 - CUSAS 282


- Improve of download Covers!
- New option to delete your covers cache.


Note: to get the all covers fine you need to delete de cache (with the new option) and download again the covers because it isn't enough with uninstall the old version.


Only private version for now on. if anyone want it, please request by email and indicate where you read it.

Be patient because and can take some time to answer.


*** RELEASE 2.1.334 Final **** 


With 2 operation modes (Original and the rookie WebRTE) and the terrific numbers of the 170 games and 262 CUSAS!!! (See the change log for the news...)


I would like to present my little tool for load a lot of cheats for your preferred games from your android mobile:




Very easy to use:


1º Download and install the apk from: 



2º Configure your IP  in your mobile and your PS4.


3º Start the Hen.


4º Start the Bin loader.


5º Send the payload from the APK.


6º Load the game in the PS4 and look up in the apk to activate the Cheater.


7º That's all, enjoy it!


The apk is multilingual (English/Brazilian/Spanish) and totally work off-line without internet.


Now there are only around 50 games but in future updates will be more!


Will be happy to help you if you has any question.





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New Update Version

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14 hours ago, BwE said:

Cool stuff! I am not sure about the name though! haha


Does it have a cheat for divinity original sin?



No at this moment, maybe in the future.

Anyway, I need to know which CUSA is your version because sometimes no all cheats works with the same game / update version.

If you can tell me the CUSA / version update I can check.


Already I have a list of games to update with new cheats.


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8 hours ago, Azikquiel said:

I downloaded your app but it says invalid IP format. How to fix this? Thanks 


That happen because you need to put your PS4 IP in the app in a full well-format. Example, your PS4 IP is, then in  my app you have to put:

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