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Store - A Work In Progress Homebrew Application By @LightningMods_

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There are a few ways of installing homebrew applications on the PS4, we can use a Thumb Drive/External HDD and we can use @flatz remote PKG method which @TOXXIC407 has utilised to make a homebrew store, both these methods require some sort of external addition, USB of course is the Thumb Drive and Toxxic's PS Store require external access via a PC/Tablet/Phone.



@LightningMods_ tweeted about an application he was working on Twitter last week:


Store is a homebrew store created with Liborbis and lets you download homebrew directly to your PS4 without any additional devices, it works just like a normal game would from the Official PS Store, the game gets downloaded and installed:


Whilst i do think the app is a great idea and runs quickly, there are a couple of gripes i have, the text on the "home screen" messes with my eyes, it has 3D or double vision effect and when selecting which homebrew you want to install, a small purple square floats about the screen, it is an alpha, so perhaps these problems will not exist in the final release.




Direct download to your PS4.



Slow, but then it is an alpha and hopefully it gets optimised to run quicker.

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