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How to setup 3.65 Local DNS for easy upgrade

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Tools required:

1. PSVita with wifi working
2.Al Azif's dns tool found in his repo: https://github.com/Al-Azif/ps4-exploit-host/releases

3. 3.65 update found in darthsternie.net (or any other one you want to really)

4. 3.65 psp2-updatelist.xml (see 3)

5. A brain to know which region the vita belongs to



1. Download and extract 3.65 OFW and psp2-updatelist.xml from darthsternie.net
2. Download al azif's dns host tool and extract it

3. Place both the pup and the updatelist.xml on your updates folder of dns host.

4. Once you figurre out which region your vita is from (us,eu,uk,etc) replace ALL instances of the given region in psp2-updatelist.xml with the one from your vita.
5. Start the dns host. If everything goes well you should see your PC's ip for main IP and DNS.
6. Set up the wifi of your console, taking into consideration that the dns must be the same one displayed on the host terminal window!
7. Attempt to update. You should see a notification of update version 3.65. if not, recheck region, and that the xml and updare files are ok!
8. Update :)

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