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  • GregoryRasputin

I am sure many of you older readers owned a Nokia mobile phone and spent hours playing an addictive game called Snake, back then it was the height of mobile entertainment outside of owning a Gameboy.



Now you can relive the glory days, by playing Grzybojad iteration of this timeless classic, this game has so many game modes and options that you will be able to play for hours, here is what is new in this version:


  •     Added 4 new game modes
  •     Added effects to the collectable
  •     You can control the snake using the back touch panel
  •     Added a random splash text to main menu
  •     Added a mushroom collectable
  •     The game is now framerate independent
  •     Added 4x MSAA
  •     Fixed a few bugs
  •     Small usability improvements
  •     Small visual tweaks


Here is a gameplay video:





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