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[Released] PS4 Save Mounter v1.5

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ChendoChap has updated his PS4 application PS4 Save Mounter to version 1.5, this software lets you mount your game saves with Read/Write permission.



With PS4 Save Mounter you can make decrypted copies of any game saves, as long as those saves are grabbed on firmware 5.05 and below, you can use other peoples game saves and replace your saves with modified ones, here are the changes in this version.


v1.5 Changelog

  •     removed process selection (everything mounts through shellui)
  •     added function to detect games with saves (shellcode-ish stuff)
  •     increased performance due to decreasing amount of getuser calls from (2-5) to 1
  •     extra patch to mount other games save's with write permission
  •     extra patches to mount saves foreign to your account id
  •     increased performance getting save information
  •     overall increased performance due to reducing amount of memory allocations
  •     fixed save info formatting (UTF8)
  •     embedded ps4debug payload



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