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[Update] [Released] X-Project v1.5.5 By @DefaultDNB And @leeful74

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@DEFAULTDNB has released version 1.5.5 of X-Project, for those of you who have been living in a cave for the past year, X-Project is an easy to use exploit host software that you either run on your PC, upload to your public webserver or install on your ESP8266 Wi-Fi device



X-Project's user interface looks like the PS3's XMB and lets you do a whole bunch of awesome things, such as run various different versions of HEN, block firmware updates, dump games, install Linux and much, much more, here is a list of what is new or changes in this version:

  • Triple version bump due to LOTS OF NEW things :P
  • Version number is displayed in multiple places so you know which version you're using.
  • Improved information panel, now shows more information so you know whats going on

           (Can be hidden or shown again by clicking show/hide, perma-hidden or perma-showing based on toggle)

  • X-Project (not PS4) debug menu is now able to be perma-toggled)

           (New hidden goat icon for test payload!)

  • Fixed debug menu "ghost column" issue (been there since day one!)
  • Added Cache and FW detection, along with network/tracking/and true firmware detection (from cold boot).


These are only a small amount of changes in the list, to see the complete changelog and download this software, visit the source:





@DEFAULTDNB has released the ESP8266 version of X-Project, as X-Project needs to be cached on the PS4, ESP devices are basically redundant now, at least for X-Project and in this case it only acts as a method to transfer the host software over, here are the changes in this version:

  • - removed Mira+hen1.8+VR payload.
  • - removed a few extraneous Mira+hen payloads.
  • - removed usb cache and applicationcache payloads.
  • + under the hood fixes.


You can grab it here:


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