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[Released] sync _simple For PS4

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tijesef has ported sync _simple to the PS4, previously he also ported it to the PS Vita.




sync _simple is a game created by zniq, who at the time of it's creation in 2010 was know as Xeronixworks, you fly a spaceship and shoot aliens, the game is quite fast paced and enjoyable, i suck at the game which you can see via my gameplay video here:



You can download the PS4 port here:




You can view the original developers work here:


Follow him on Twitter here:




Thanks to tijesef for the port.


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3 hours ago, mr_lou said:

Nice! That's some grade A homebrew right there!


Are there any website anywhere that lists PS4 homebrew like this? Similar to what the Vita users have here: http://devdavisnunez.x10.mx/wikihb/?home



Unfortunately not, there was a website run by @Senaxx, but he closed it as it wasn't being utilised by developers and he didn't have time to keep updating it.

You can find the homebrews on various websites, just not in the same manner as OneLua Teams website.

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