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WikiVita - The Mature Unbiased Vita Download Repository By @WikiVita

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The PS Vita scene is a wonderful scene, but it has some immature motherfuckers in it, now i am not the most mature asshole in the world, but i draw the line at certain things, such as not being biased against a developers releases, if it suck's i will say it sucks, if it's great i will praise it, regardless of what i think about it, regardless if i like the developer or think he or she is a piece of shit,  i won't stop it being posted about, nor will i refuse to post about it, anyone who would refuse to post something because they don't like the application or the developer is an immature discriminating, insecure egotistical asshole.




Now i don't think the PS Vita scene is that immature, is it?, it is!?, Really? get the fuck outa here with that bullshit...


Thanks to the OneLua Team guys @gdljjrod and @DevDavisNunez, you now have a place to grab whatever homebrew that is released for the PS Vita regardless of who created it, that awesome place is:



Now it does not look as good as VitaDB,  but the owner of VitaDB won't upload an application because of so called license violations or if he thinks the developer is a piece of shit, such developers as @silicaAndPina, it also does not have the huge amount of content that Brewology does, but the owner of Brewology does not want to work with other developers and help in the downloading of files to the PS Vita, WikiVita is what it is, a place to download all and any PS Vita homebrew, it will improve over time as it has really dedicated developers who are willing to fix things and are eager to work with people.


So go follow the Twitter account:


You will see when anything gets uploaded and be able to download it to your computer or use the QR code to scan it and download it directly to your PS Vita.


So thank you to the OneLua guys for showing your love for the scene and giving us a place that we known won't be biased.

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