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Mother Sues Sony Because Her Son Used Her Credit Card On PlayStation

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A mother in the good old US of A is suing Sony Interactive Entertainment because her son took her credit card and made transaction on the PlayStation Network without her permission or knowledge.



This parent basically blames Sony for encouraging her son to go into her purse, steal her credit card and use it illegally on the PlayStation Network, after all her son is basically committing theft and this mother thinks Sony are to blame because they don't do enough to stop these type of practices.


Here are a couple of quotes from the court document:



In addition to its distinction as a market leader in the manufacture, marketing and
sale of gaming consoles, Defendant Sony Interactive Entertainment America, LLC (“SIE” or
“Defendant”) is also the leading seller of “Apps,” i.e., software applications that users download
on their mobile computing devices, such as SIE’s PlayStation devices. Among the many thousands
of Apps that SIE offers for sale are gaming Apps targeted at children. Although numerous gaming
Apps are offered for free and may be downloaded at no cost, many such games are designed to
induce purchases of what SIE refers to as “In-App Purchases” or “In- App Content,” i.e., virtual
supplies, ammunition, fruits and vegetables, cash and other fake “currency” within the game in
order to play the game as it was designed to be played (“Game Currency”). These games are highly
addictive, designed deliberately so, and tend to compel children playing them to purchase large
quantities of Game Currency, amounting to as much as $100 per purchase or more. As such, the

sale of Game Currency to children is highly lucrative.





Plaintiff CHRISTINA LOPEZ brings this class action on behalf of herself and other
parents and guardians who (a) downloaded or permitted their minor children to download a
supposed free App from SIE, and (b) then incurred charges for game-related voidable purchases
that the minor children were induced by SIE to make, without the parents’ and guardians’
knowledge or permission.




Minors also have the ability to create accounts on the SIE network, claiming that
they are their parents, using their parents’ credit cards, without their parents’ permission or
authorization. SIE does not effectively prohibit such practices despite their obvious knowledge that
minors may engage in such activities due to their lack of maturity.







Plaintiffs bring this action for declaratory, equitable and monetary relief under the
Declaratory Judgment Act, California’s contract laws, Consumers Legal Remedies Act, Business
and Professions Code Sections 17200 et seq., and/or for Unjust Enrichment.





Users of the PSN can buy or download for free certain games through the PlayStation
Store and play the games using the PlayStation 4 platform.




Epic Games, Inc. (“Epic”) is a developer and publisher of computer games and
gaming software.





Epic markets the Fortnite video game as free to play without warning adult
consumers and parents of the in-game purchase features, directly inducing minors to make in-game
purchases without authorization from their parents or legal guardians.





D.W. used his mother’s credit and debit cards without her permission and spent more
than a thousand dollars ($1,000) purchasing Fortnite V-bucks, using his PlayStation 4 through his
PlayStation Network account.


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So let me get this straight, it is Sony's fault that you did not teach your child that stealing from your purse is wrong?

It is Sony's fault that you do not monitor or educate yourself on what your child does on the games console YOU bought him?

It is Sony's fault that you do not educate yourself on the ins and outs of the PlayStation and the PlayStation Network?



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When I was a teenager I was convinced that our generations had something special but thanks to facts like this, and to the many similar stories that my partner tells me, "she is a teacher of primary school", I understood that instead our generation is very buggy.

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