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PS4 Trainer - Easily Add Cheats To Your PS4 Games - Hacked PS4 Only

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Games are fun, we play them to take our mind of other things, we use them as an escape from whatever is happeining in the real world and completing a game is an awesome feeling, sadly sometimes we get stuck or can't get past a certain point in the game and that can be quite frustrating, or we have a busy life and don't have a whole lot of time to struggle at playing a game that might be a little hard and take some time to play, which is why cheats that give such things as infinite ammo or infinite lives are great.




Sadly in the case of the PS4, it has not always been straight forward and easy to impliment cheats and cheat codes, there have been awesome people such as @rednekcowboy who have worked at bringing you cheat codes, but sadly they involved you implimenting them and if you struggled with that type of thing then that was even more frustration to your gaming experience.


Lucky for you guys a group consisting of @TylerMods, Shiningami, golden and ChendoChap have put together an easy to use website for you to impliment cheats directly on your PS4, you enter your PS4's IP and it should find your games, if not you can select a game manually, then choose which ever cheat you want to add, here is an example:



Here is a tutorial in Spanish:



Modded Warfare should be creating an English tutorial some stage in the future, so i will add it when it is ready:



Here are the links you should visit:
Cheat Site

Exploit Site




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