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[Update][Released] PS4 PKG Store v1.3+ By @TOXXIC_407

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@TOXXIC407 has released three updates for his PS4 PKG Store this week, versions 1.3, 1.3.1 and were released, they include various changes and fixes.



Sadly the releases also added pirated content to the place the files are hosted, so whilst i think this is a great app, i can no longer link to the site hosting the files, here is the Githib page of the project, you can host your own site or host locally and will be ables to add what you wish.



I ignorantly assumed that the DLC was real DLC from the PS Store, my appologies to @TOXXIC407, it was late at night and i did not have a chance to test it myself.




Help Guide

Site Where Files Are Hosted




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