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[Released] Autoplugin v3.70 And v3.71 By @TheheroGAC

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This week @TheheroGAC has released two updates for his popular PS Vita homebrew Autoplugin, here is a list of the changes:





  • Fixed issue with new line breaking translate on screen keyboard
  • Resolved crashing if tai/config.txt is a folder not a file
  • Chinese font automatically downloads if it doesn't exist
  • Added configure screen after initial SD2VITA install

            -Updated all languages thank you @yexun1995 kouchan @Schn1ek3 and other
             Thank you for all this feature and more fix @bamhm182




  •  Language Refactored thank you @bamhm182
  •  Added Configure SD2VITA Capability thank you @bamhm182
  • Added TurboPad plugin by Rinnegatamante
  • Updated all languages thank you @yexun1995 kouchan @Schn1ek3 and other






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