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[Released] BleemSync v1.0 - #PSClassic #PlayStationClassic

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The PlayStation Classic scene is doing incredibly well, it is doing far better in its past few weeks than the PS4 scene has done in its entirety.


One of the great softwares for the PS Classic is BleemSync, a tool which makes it very easy for owners of the device to mod it, letting you do such things as adding your own games, custom themes and Emulators.

ModMyClassic the team behind BleemSync released version 1.0 a couple of days ago, here is a quote of the general changes:



General Updates

  •     Added brand new UI to allow easy syncing and modding for your PlayStation Classic!
  •     USB payload completely redone from scratch, much better design meaning more stability, faster boot times and more flexibility.
  •     Added support to the stock console UI for the additional PS1 formats “m3u” “pbp” “img” “mdf” “toc” “cbn”
  •     Completely new and improved bootloader. Contains more sense checking and script vetting to ensure no broken boots. (No more lolhack)
  •     Auto deployment/install and update facility added.
  •     Added permanent safe USB lockout disable, telnet and ftp support. (These services will install on initial install so you don’t need a USB to load these services)
  •     Added NTFS and exFAT drive support. (Once initial install in complete)
  •     Because of the USB lockout disable, you can now run psc from TVs and PC USB ports.
  •     Improved LED support, green = idle/OK, orange = BS function running, flashing red = attention needed, see on screen. (You can now see exactly when something is running)
  •     Added function libraries so you can add your own scripts in to the boot sequence if you wish for extra tinkering
  •     Added boot profiler (Every function in the boot sequence will get timed and recorded so you can identify slow down issues within boot)
  •     Integration of RetroArch by default (will be optional in later builds)
  •     Added full verbose logging, any issues should now be logged easily within the logs directory of the USB to help easily identify common issues
  •     Initial install sets up basis for backup/restore and OTG support (coming in 1.1)
  •     Game folders are much less complicated and require less mounting per game.
  •     Included patch pack for stock 20 games to run at full speed if launched via RetroArch PCSX from either stock UI or playlist.
  •     Added auto migration tools to run on first boot after install.



You can read the full change log and list of features at the source, where you can also download it:



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