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Playing original PS3 games on a standard Blu-ray player

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So it seems that the Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-ray player lets you connect a Dual Shock gamepad, and then play PlayStation3 games by streaming from the PlayStation Now network.
That sounds geeky to me! And a smart move from Sony to take over a bigger market of gamers.

But does it work ok? Has anyone tried it? What other Blu-ray players offer this?

When the Dual Shock is connected, can it also be used as a remote control for Blu-ray movie playback? (If so, then I imagine it could also be used for Blu-Play games, which would be rather awesome!)

I'm having some trouble figuring out what status is though. This article seems to say that Sony cut support for PlayStation Now for basically all devices except PS4? Silly thing to change their minds so fast.

But it would still be cool to be able to connect a gamepad to a Blu-ray player, for the sake of Blu-Play games. ;-)

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After some extensive searching and a phonecall to Sony, I can answer some of my own questions:


The number of devices that could do this was fairly impressive. 12 Sony Blu-ray players and a lot more of their Bravia TV's apparently offered this feature! Stream PS3 games, and play with your DualShock4 controller. What a brilliant idea.


Sadly, Sony decided to kill this feature back in August 15th 2017 for some silly reason, leaving PS4 and PC as the only devices capable of streaming from PlayStation Now. The Blu-ray players, the Bravia TV's, and even the Vita was abandoned in regards of this service.


So now there's a bunch of Bravia TV's and Blu-ray players that lets you connect a DualShock4 for no reason - except of course you can play Blu-Play games on the Blu-ray players. Continue here if that has any interest to you.

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