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[PSVITA] ReF00D V1.0 Released By FAPS Team And Autoplugin V3.67 By TheheroGAC

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The 35C3 conference of Yifan Lu and Davee has awakened the PSVITA scene. The released keys have brought good results and the FAPS Team composed by CelesteBlue123, dots_tb, Princess of sleeping, juliosueiras and TheRadziu took the ball and here is a new plugin called reF00D along with the release of a new version 3.67 of Autoplugin.reF00D is a kernel plugin that eliminates the firmware requirements of games / apps. It allows you to run games that require a higher firmware than the one currently running, such as titles that require firmware 3.69 or 3.68 on 3.60 / 3.65, through the decoding of games in real time using the keys. It also allows you to create packages compatibility, which you can use with rePatch, holding the trigger L when you open the games. These will be stored in ux0: /rePatch.Autoplugin instead, installs the plugins automatically and in version 3.67 it adds the support / installation of reF00D and many other features.


How to install it:

  • Add the ref00d.skprx path to your taihen config.txt or use Autoplugin to install it.
  • Make sure that reF00D is installed AFTER NoNpDRM in this config.txt.
  • Put the keys.bin file in ur0: /tai/keys.bin. (  https://www.mediafire.com/download/t5obgaa3naatr9m  )
  • Restart and have fun

NOTE: loading the rePatch module will have priority over reF00D. If a module is in the rePatch folder, it will be loaded first and reF00D will not attempt to decrypt it.


Special thanks:

  • Team Molecule for feeding p00r.
  • A motoharu, aerosoul, TheFloW, xerpi, St4rk, Mathieulh, zecoxao for having reversed a part of the PSVita and made useful tools.
  • A Silica for his mental illness (which actually cares about the PSM) that made us understand that the headers were not always in order.
  • Sys to be sys.








wololo.net and Github


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