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[Released] VitaBackup v2.00 By @joel16_x

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@joel16 has updated his PS Vita homebrew VitaBackup to version 2.00:




VitaBackup is a user friendly backup manager for the PS Vita, that lest you choose what you want to backup, where you want to back it up and the location where you want it backed up, here are the changes in this version:

  •     Fixed bug with app.db not being backed up properly.
  •     Use sceIo instead of stdio for i/o handling.
  •     Display instructions in backup/restore screens.
  •     Removed light theme because it didn't fit well, and just took up a lot of space. (There is no longer a theme mode, because this is just a backup tool, we don't need that here.)
  •     Support files larger than 4GB.
  •     Add options to delete backup files from the restore menu. (Press cross to select files, then square to delete.)
  •     Add 11 levels of compression using miniz. (0 being no compression, which is generally recommended)
  •     Add more valuable data to initial backup list. (ur0:/data/VitaBackup/path.txt)


Image stolen from Wololo



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