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.@notzecoxao Reveals Secret Method And Makes Babies Cry

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  • GregoryRasputin

On the 11th of December 2018, @zecoxao announced via his Twitter account that there would be a secret method revealed soon, he said multiple times that it was only good for games and that it was basically pointless as it would be patched soon after release.




So yesterday, the 29th of December 2018, zecoxao revealed the method on YouTube and opened the gates to an unprecedented amount of teenage boys and grown men crying at him, because this method did not give them the piracy the way they wanted, the amount of attacks and articles zecoxao has received is insane, considering this method isn't his and he was just the messenger, Reddit seems to be the place for attacking him the cowardly way, anyhow here is a video of the secret method:


@rmorteza21 next time do me a favour and turn the phone around so that you record horizontally :) 





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It was to be expected, children (and often adults too) always cry when they do not find the much desired gift under the Christmas tree ?

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1 hour ago, rmorteza21 said:

Hi friends 



He said it's been patched since resident evil dropped

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Don't be a jerk be cool! Join Switch Club today!

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