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Hello and thanks for having me. I got the PlayStation in 1994 and fell in love. I remember it came preloaded with a game called Ridge Racer and that was an Awesome game, it was like when the 1st Grand Tourism was released. The game play was almost the same but the GT graphics were better of course. So I've had all the systems except handhelds, PS, PS1, PS2 big and little, PS3 (never had to get slim or the one with the slide open top, and now I have a PS4.


I've been wanting to learn about  Jailbreaking. I know what it is and all the things you can do with it, I just cant figure out how to do it. I have the 6.20 update and have read the is an exploit that you can use but only for games. I can not really find the right way to word this but it seems that all the how to install fpkg assume that you know the process so they just run through like whoever is reading or watching understands exactly what they're doing or talking about. I'm familiar with a lot of the terminology I went to college to be a Network Admin but I never finished my bachelors but did get an AA for a support specialist. I had to take a beginners coding class on C++ so that's why I kinda get what they are saying in some of the forums but not really.


Anyway thanks again and if anyone ever reads this, could you help an O.G.(Old Gamer) out?

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