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[Released] MKPSXISO v1.23

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Lameguy64 has updated his PlayStation 1 application MKPSXISO to version 1.23, here is some information about the app:





MKPSXISO is basically a modern clone of BUILDCD used for building CD images of PlayStation games in the official development tools. The problem with BUILDCD however is, apart from licensing issues, its an old 16-bit DOS program which will not work natively under 64-bit versions of Windows without a DOS emulator which not only makes automated build scripts that produce ISO images messy in homebrew development but it also slows ISO creation speed considerably. BUILDCD also only produces CD images in a special image format supported by early CD burners and must be converted to an ISO format with a separate tool making the already slow ISO creation process even slower.


While other ISO creation tools such as MKISOFS may work as an alternative most do not let you control the order of the files stored in the ISO image which is essential for optimizing file order to speed up access times and all do not support mixed-mode type files for CD streaming such as XA audio and MDEC video streams. MKPSXISO is made specifically to replace BUILDCD to aid in PlayStation homebrew development on modern systems as well as modification/hacking of existing PlayStation titles. MKPSXISO can also be used as a regular ISO creation tool that complies with the older ISO9660 standard with no Joliet extensions.


MKPSXISO more or less replicates most of the functionality of BUILDCD but better! The most notable difference is that MKPSXISO is much faster and creates ISO images in either standalone iso or cue+bin format so that generated images can immediately be run on an emulator or burned to a CD.


Another notable difference of MKPSXISO is that it injects the Sony license data correctly into the disc image which eliminates the need of having to use a separate program for properly licensing the ISO image. However, the license data is not included so one must have a copy of the official PlayStation Programmer's Tool SDK or the PsyQ SDK (both of which can be found in www.psxdev.net) for the license files to be able to take advantage of this feature. This is to avoid possible legal problems when including Sony's license data into open source programs.



Version 1.23 (12/20/2018)

  •     Fixed broken LBA and timecode calculation for audio tracks integrated as files (iso::DirTreeClass::GetWavSize returns an incorrect value from the WAV file).
  •     Updated build instructions (CodeBlocks project had been replaced with Netbeans but forgot to update instructions).


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