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PlayStation Classic Has Weak Security And Gets Hacked Three Days After Release


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  • GregoryRasputin

If any of you remember the PS3 being hacked, you will remember that it's security turned out to be fucking awful, when Team Fail0verflow gave their presentation on hacking the PS3, they took the piss out of Sony's lack of security on the console, they seem to have improved quite considerably for the PS4, so you would think that even with something such as the PlayStation Classic, they would still add a decent amount of security, but they didn't.



We know that @Yifan Lu and xyz from Team Molecule have been busy working on the device and Yifan managed to get UART on the device, but there have been other big players working away and tinkering at the device, you can follow them via the links below.



First we see the PC version of Doom running on the PS Classic, it is not full screen, but that does not matter, all that matters is that it is running and someone managed to do it with ease:



Here we have a game running on the PlayStation Classic, i am not sure what it is, but it was never intended to be played on it:


Finally we see Yifan running a Crash Bandicoot Prototype on the PlayStation Classic:

Watch dancing the unhacked playstation tears away from YifanLu on www.twitch.tv


Then we have the fact that Sony seem to have left their private signing/encryption keys on the console for all these awesome dudes to find:




Images via Yifan's Twitter.




For more information and tweets regarding the PlayStation Classic, follow these guys:







Don't forget to visit the PlayStation Classic Dev Wiki:


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  • 2 years later...

It is not only playstation whose security needs to improve, but all our devices as these are the time every business, household, and everything is under threat of cyberattacks. We uniformly should take desperate measure for security.

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