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Make Your Own PlayStation Classic

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  • GregoryRasputin

The more and more i see this stupid device that Sony is fooling people into buying, the more pissed off i get, not only have they used an open source Emulator instead of creating their own, or utilising the one from the PS Vita, they have used a SoC that everyone seems to be laughing at, in my opinion the hardware is decent enough, but EVERYTHING else is a let down, here is a small list of fails:




  • Mixing NTSC and PAL games.
  • Having a bunch of games that are nothing special.
  • The price.
  • No DualShock controllers.


I probably could find more to point out, but that is not what this thread is about, this thread is to inform you that you can make your own PlayStation Classic that will be far better, cheaper and will let you use DualShock controllers, i will list a few examples below, from budget to higher range, all will be superior to Sony's quick cash grab, btw i will be attempting one of these myself and i am a complete n00b when it comes to soldering and i think i will manage fine when it comes to applying the solder:


Budget Build

  • Broken PS1 - £10
  • PS1 Controller - £7 or PS1 DualShock - £10  x2 £14 or £20
  • PlayStation 2 Controller USB Adapter - £3
  • Raspberry Pi - £35


Premium Build

  • Broken PS1 - £10
  • PS1 Controller - £7 or PS1 DualShock - £10  x2 £14 or £20
  • PlayStation 2 Controller USB Adapter - £3
  • ROCK64 - £68


Both builds involve soldering wires from the PlayStation 2 Controller USB Adapter, to the controller port board on the PlayStation 1, it is probably tricky if you have never soldered before, but manageable.

You will also need memory cards and power supplies for both builds, unless you are super handy with electronics and can use the PlayStation 1's power supply to both power the device and turn it off and on.



This is what one could achieve:








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