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Release: BwE PS4 NOR Validator


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  • Developer



This program is the release version of my PS4 NOR Validator, it is designed solely to validate the NOR flash of your PS4 console!


Why would you need to do this? Well if your console has suddenly died and has what is called the 'BLOD', the NOR can be the reason why. Using my program will allow you to validate literally every single byte of the NOR (or over 2100 specific areas) - allowing you to see where or if it is corrupted.


The most common area of corruption that causes the BLOD is the CID. Some areas of this section can actually be repaired, if you're lucky! I and others have done this! Don't forget to use my Comparator tool to help you understand what the difference is for a specific section of the NOR. It will help you with patching!


Other areas can be inter-changed between different consoles and are more suited for repair, the WiFi/BT module is a good example of this.

So fundamentally, this program is for console repairers like myself. If you are indeed a repairer and run a business I can make a custom 'bulk' version for you! But for now, feel free to put multiple *.bin files in the working directory as my program will provide a selection menu.


I am also happy to give advice on your NOR or help interpret your results, just post on the forum or give me an email. If you can bypass my filter, send me a link to your NOR!

If you encounter any errors or weird results - or better yet if your NOR is labled danger in any areas, but still runs fine - let me know!


Keep in mind the CoreOS and other large encrypted areas could still be corrupt regardless of the results (I cant check every byte in an encrypted section, hence alt validations). This program is NOT perfect, but it is WAY better than just using a hex editor or never truely knowing if your BLOD is caused by the NOR!


This also goes above and beyond that of the psdevwiki page regarding the main flash of the PS4 (Thank you cfwprpht).



Will this fix my BLOD?

Well yes and no, if there are sections that are corrupt it is possible to patch it with valid data from another PS4 - but NOT perconsole data!

Will this prove my BLOD is software based?

Yes, if the dump comes up 100% valid then it is likely a hardware issue - I recommend enabling UART and seeing its output.


Menu Options:

1 - Comparison

Launches the comparison app, used for the bulk diagnosis and comparison of dumps (Put multiple .bin files in the same directory). Features multiple output options.

1. Compare Offsets (Hex)
2. Compare Offsets (ASCII)
3. Compare Offsets MD5
4. Compare Offsets Entropy
5. Double Offset Comparison
6. Dynamic MD5 Calculation
7. Compare File MD5
8. Compare File Entropy & Byte Count
2 - Patch (/Patches/)

Designed to load .bin patches from the /patches/ directory. It will interpret and auto locate patch offsets if they've been extracted by my program. If not it will ask for a start address.

3 - Patch Corrupt CoreOS (SU-30631-3 Error)

Basically an automated version of what Andrew Paul suggests (https://youtu.be/35DFGCim_WY). It will scan the CoreOS and patch the corrupt sections within about 1 second.

3 - Enable/Disable UART or IDU Mode

Enabling/Disabling the UART flag within the PS4 - Will work without the need to jailbreak. If this does not work check the UNK UART Flag status and email me!

4 - Extract (BwE Style)

Extract based on literal files and does so dynamically based on their size

5 - Extract (Zecoxao Style)

Extracting file sections pursuant to Sony's file blocks

6 - Validate

Pretty obvious, will scan the entire dump from start to finish and produce a readable validation output in HTML format


As of version 1.5.5 there is an ability to upload dumps directly to me. I use these to improve the program and validations. Abusing this service will result in your ban from future use of my validator. Mislabling files that are clearly corrupt as working will result in a ban.


Regarding Anti-Virus:

I protect my program with Themida. The problem with this is that heuristically some AV software see it as a threat. This is because people who make or redistribute old malware also use Themida to help make themselves undetected.

Ultimately, it is up to you to trust the program and me. I encourage you to upload to a sandbox to see for yourself.



  • 15,450+ Lines of Code
  • 2370+ Offsets Read

Version History:

  • 1.7.3 (22/8/21) Fixed IDU Patching, Added Unlisted/New Results (Thank You Uploaders!)
  • 1.7.2 (30/7/21) Fixed Mishandling of Bulk Warning/Danger Results (Significantly), Added Unlisted/New Results.
  • 1.7.1 (25/6/21) Fixed Uploading Questions, Added MB Serial to Outputs, New Spash Screen.
  • 1.7.0 (23/6/21) Added Question Regarding Dump When Uploading, Added New CID Validation (Weird Key or Flag), Fixed UART Validation, Added Unlisted Results.
  • 1.6.9 (26/5/21) Fixed Internal Code Issues, Added Unlisted Results, New Splash Screen (Potentially last update for a short while).
  • 1.6.8 (16/5/21) Updated Internal Comparison Application, Improved Serial Number Validation (MB Series), Added Unlisted Results.
  • 1.6.7 (25/4/21) Repaired UNK 1200 Series Validation, Added Unlisted Results.
  • 1.6.6 (12/4/21) Added Unlisted Results, Improved Validation, Changed Output Styling.
  • 1.6.5 (31/3/21) Added CoreOS Statistical Analysis, Changed Some Results, Changed Some Output Formatting, Returned to Previous Packer.
  • 1.6.3 (30/3/21) Added CoreOS Patcher (SU-30631-3 Error Specific), Updated Results, Added Unlisted Results, Fixed Readme, Changed Packer.
  • 1.6.2 (18/3/21) Repaired CID Validation, Improved Handling of 72xx, Added Unlisted Results, Improved Dump Uploading Process.
  • 1.6.1 (20/2/21) Repaired CID Validation, Added Unlisted Results (Thanks Uploaders!)
  • 1.6.0 (4/2/21) Added IDU Mode Patcher, Improved Validations, Added Unlisted Results.
  • 1.5.9 (29/1/21) Major Improvement to CID and UNK Validations, Added Unlisted Results, Improved UART Patching, Better Handling of 1200/Pro/Slim Validations, Added v1.5 of Comparator (Comparison Tool, Option 1)
  • 1.5.7 (11/1/21) Fixed Version Checker, Improved Statistics, Removed Some Unlisted Results (Improved Validation), Updated Upload Feature, Improved Compiler
  • 1.5.6 (10/1/21) Improved CID and UNK Validations, Updated Unlisted Validations, IDU Flags Added, Some Code Optimization
  • 1.5.5 (8/1/21) Updated Pro/Slim Specific Validations, Updated Unlisted Validations, Updated CID Validations, Updated UNK Validations, Added Dump Upload Feature
  • 1.5.3 (5/12/20) Updated Unlisted Validations, Updated WiFi/BT MD5s & Entropy Validation
  • 1.5.2 (20/11/20) Updated WiFi/BT MD5s, Added 2nd UART Flag, Updated Unlisted Validations
  • 1.5.1 (3/11/20) Updated Unlisted Validations, Added UART Enabler, Removed Unused Validation Option, Added Basic Loader
  • 1.5.0 (30/10/20) Updated Unlisted Validations, Upgraded Existing Validations, Removed Loader (Secret Patcher Coming Soon!)
  • 1.4.9 (3/5/20) Added 21xx Series Specific Validations, Updated Unlisted Validations
  • 1.4.7 (23/3/20) Added Dynamic Comparison, Updated Unlisted Validations
  • 1.4.6 (1/2/20) Just Keeping It Fresh! (May have fixed issues stopping the program running, if not let me know!)
  • 1.4.4 (16/8/19) Added and Improved Validations (CID & UNK) Including New WiFi/BT FW MD5
  • 1.4.2 (7/4/19) Added More Validations (Firmware & Console Specific), Improved Various Sections (CID & UNK Mostly)
  • 1.4.1 (1/3/19) Prettied Up Outputs, Minor Rewording (Sorry!).
  • 1.4.0 (1/3/19) Added Zecoxao Extraction Methodology (Will Add More Zecoxao SELF Stuff Later), Added FW/BIOS Versioning, Added Additional Entropy Validation & Various Improvements Throughout.
  • 1.3.8 (21/2/19) Added Additional Validations (To Suit Slim/Pro), Repaired/Improved CID Validation, More MD5s & Table Based Results.
  • 1.3.5 (30/1/19) Added CoreOS Reference Points (Additional CoreOS Per-Console Validation).
  • 1.3.3 (24/1/19) Reworked And Improved Both CID And UNK Sections Again, Added More MD5's, Added Application Version Checker, Removed Colored Bars, Added Comparator & Other Improvements Throughout.
  • 1.3.1 (19/1/19) Added More Validations & MD5's, Repaired Minor Bug.
  • 1.3 (15/1/19) Completely Reworked And Improved The CID Section And Added Additional Validations To The UNK Section & I Also Improved Some Other Validations Throughout.
  • 1.2.6 (18/12/18) Hopefully Fixed 'Black Screen' Issue, Recompiled In 32bit.
  • 1.2.5 (17/12/18) Added 2 New Flags (Possibly Initialization Flag?), Changed Validation Results, Improved Output/Info (HTML) & Added MD5's.
  • 1.2 (8/12/18) Improved All Alt Validations, Repaired Vtrm1, Internal Typo & Added Repetition Checks.
  • 1.1.1 (29/11/18) Typo Again, Made The SKU Not Come Up As Unlisted & Added Some MD5's.
  • 1.1 (28/11/18) Improved VTRM & CID Validation, Typo Fixes & Better Colours.
  • 1.0 (27/11/18) First Release!

More Information:

  • File MD5: 828b004e388d2a53ff71b6231c890b36
  • File SHA256: c67b5c728e9aff0005fc6137fb9964ca738b83997cf131abc9ba3f51cfb79dcd
  • Technical Support: heeeeeeeelp [at] betterwayelectronics.com.au

System Requirements:

  • Minimum 4 CPU Threads
  • Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 (64bit)
  • 9mb+ Storage Space

Archive Password:



  • Thailand (Xohke!)
  • PS3/PS4 Dev Wiki (+ Its Contributors)
  • eussNL (<3)
  • cfwprpht
  • judges
  • 3absiso
  • pearlxcore
  • Stooged
  • GregoryRasputin
  • zecoxao
  • Cliques Unique (For Discord Help)
  • ProConsoles NL
  • YTAndrewPaul
  • Palestine!
  • SCE
  • You!

Proudly made in PERL with Notepad++

Thanks to all the people who email me and beg me to update my program <3



Console Repair Discord:





Where do I download it?




Edited by BwE
2021 Update <3
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  • GregoryRasputin

Awesome work, thanks for posting.


I removed the links to PSXAIDS as they don't fit with the thread, why should one be redircted to a scene website trash when they can get those links here ? 

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  • GregoryRasputin
3 hours ago, BwE said:

Lol why can't we all love each other? 

I love everyone :mooning:

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Great Work BwE??

keep it up Bro

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Long Live Palestine

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  • GregoryRasputin
10 hours ago, BwE said:

Updated to 1.3.3. Which is quite an important one. Enjoy! 

Do you have a Twitter account, if not it might be a good idea, developers eeem to be using social media more and more for putting out info about their software and hacks :)

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1 hour ago, BwE said:

Nah. No social media for me. I'm too old for that shit. 



How much I miss the times when everything happened on the forums, and the haters were silenced or banned.

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  • Developer

I don't even use Discord. I prefer IRC. But even then I don't use that either lol. I'm content with forums (of which I post on max 4?) and utilizing my website. 


At the end of the day I don't mind if people don't know about or don't use my programs. I enjoyed the puzzle/challenge of making them and doing the dorky artwork more than anything :)


@3absiso and other repairers have my respect though. They don't leech new scene releases. They just want to earn some cashhhh. Like myself :)

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Years ago I was a repairer myself, but unfortunately I never had a real activity, I'm a self-taught fan of electronics and computers tecnology and what I learned about the consoles has been on the forums since the year 1998, then I learned many things about the new generation consoles thanks to the sharing on psdevwiki and thanks to the suggestions of a guy who in the golden years was part of the PS3 scene and that now I think he is out of the loop, but I never pretended that the devs would forcefully release the results of their work, I hate all the drama that persists nowadays about it.
However, I wanted to let you know that I use your validators since your firsts releases, so I take this opportunity to thank you.

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  • GregoryRasputin

I miss the days when forums used to be filled with n00bs asking questions and trolls flaming people, social media and the likes of Reddit seem to have almost done away with the need for forums :(

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  • Developer

Aw thanks @OldBrain :)


Yeah @GregoryRasputin there are still plenty of noobs. That's the issue. Too many people just want CFW 6.66 for their Fortnite stickered PS4. 


But at the end of the day it doesn't really matter either way. 

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  • Developer

What up gangsters, now its v1.3.5 :) But you should know this given my AUTOMATIC VERSION CHECKER!


Version: 1.3.5 (30/1/19) Added CoreOS Reference Points (Additional CoreOS Per-Console Validation).
File MD5: EFFC0962BDC304ABF059380B362CBD30



0x3C0000 -> 0x1FFFFFF:
CoreOS Entropy: 8.00 ✔
CoreOS Alternative Validation: ✔
CoreOS Final Filler: ✔
CoreOS Static Area 1: F18D7A20ACFEB4E4A8D9CCC5103182 ✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 1:4104E1C81272E5A3C9A7D5C771D3CC0BDF28A1E03769FC875C05E3E335EC3740✔
CoreOS Static Area 2:D2F84331DADB8508B9029373BC3AC0F77957DF348BEE0D83EFEFF395A9FE8C84✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 2: 9118A6A60259E720DA08C23958273B47 ✔
CoreOS Static Area 3:8F702A04E7B5F579177A25EB213405CA1E78881EAF85CFB4F7B7132EB8E7E70F ✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 3: 946107880E3A3D1006921066476BA31E ✔
CoreOS Static Area 4:B749A754283A0424BD4826C8D233F3B3B3F8BC60BB057C0BA3546130819F54EB ✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 4: F29C70E8A6979A003D1792CA7B437652 ✔
CoreOS Static Area 5:5AD19DF2B45F949F1D702A793C40E498E23E8C387F852898ACFDD47E3935F9BC✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 5: BDB64C945DC4BE8498DF4D9B43247143 ✔
CoreOS Static Area 6:EB492703FE108132523855FDB27A18735E33F428D867623CF0F5FC68F1EC9372 ✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 6: 4DA11581E2E9318A9D83EBC65F2E8660 ✔
CoreOS Static Area 7:28465263108CC0421E849667AE387E3A3B8DE89AD88F6D398C394DBDDFDFD0FA✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 7: 7E869D30E3867F3654F0F06C62DE2B8D ✔
CoreOS Static Area 8:8FFD6345456F1686B3C8E15D3FF5684749877C930C7F8279EA85CEB7CB755D20D1E898D7B846DE52FC4FB058F990C98541970AF8BA0186FD8066B2F24A39E8D826B87F34615244257843A6820FCE376E931163354F36B8406D0AD7853353EB924EED75C92D6FBA22C280CAB4EDA543B74256A41F9ADD4F6C2D2AE370A300C8C9379F2C28562028BDAD4E41921E7C6494EA04962DB82B272A464F845204AC1CB662F3DD1FF802FC19D8FB94A4F38DFE2A18E5D5DBBF8BAF933FD366488A5833E7 ✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 8: 23E1C3539679C12F7128AF88A1E71ECA ✔
CoreOS Static Area 9:E14879F7F10906B8833A5BE0E9399B73A97C53A7F5C2F48B9492A9D9682886F169A88D4F45702E49A1FC5609310BEBC7 ✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 9: EC630DD9E52FFDA43B37DFAF0A7D5860 ✔
CoreOS Static Area 10:9E30FB9D8D80731B73E5F1B4DD034D578582B20007063267CF9E30663C902A5F ✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 10: 78608BD035E3BB2FB6E30B365D35B33E ✔
CoreOS Static Area 11: 47956448C59A54C55C1B7FCD4CBDB3A4 ✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area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✔
CoreOS Static Area 12 : ✔
CoreOS PerFirmware Area 12:8D3B1324A3832295110D8978C69BE9383091D19C6B6CFAF3C2FC4E82E52690AB07D43624165FDA5D89786A9564BA6F53A6D090430AC2AF34AB371D046A27C13B17FBC073E3EE0EA20080C1BB50E726E25AD82DB0E9F851742896170F6EB2BC4B45FC31795B6AF688B0F2FF6E6F74CAC950C9C1B20CE327A507D243BC1DB724A7CC659C0B6941525049CCEF2F0EF0759D351B6A17F03ED9B8289F386B3E9F792C4BD2820066313F8A7486ED294CEE5E14AB30D3FB40FC664D4984B0C31B4FFE2BFF4807B815231215AA23B5661A7A824057E8B92F20A69CB65838126F8747FA845A0D720858B9E5A96014205A8B50285EF5A4F89060066D8D87A3991DBCA0BEE20D474EAC2A070CB343ED84599C5F6284CFE36C9D4F673A73F4D2A80E2CBB50165E82C32EDC7B7813C0FD6B766BB9E35E7C858F5E5091B30A275B100B4A8A143A768FF1AFD5CDE8FFD69F7D920A01BC93A3DBE727425E1B4EA9DC46E8410486E90768E82E4ADECCFB66EBBB762F2C6EA4471A01AB175D714593618C957A59F2C43E59B211F0479DE51BDCEA752E59D3062CE57F1F0FFA2EE950C30AE44A4D3CFF1957C6755B88F78557E933AD28BBA36EFF01BEA300E2A8634FE5910852D750F6EE51862F498967715A9037E16A0485CC66CA70EFB3A5787E6CCF3B23A914B6022A62153D300D5B6125AC2AFE5D34BE1EBE8351D5E3F5935D2D3519B3F3EAD1867392885FE806E7D8DE55911264C7CEB820808626DE925873615B2EB82D1091901A5582031F8DE5C116095666A47880AC4E955F06D791F81CB573F63EBAF7718B919325C64B3EC377B3BB8BAC7E22A5AD682A6069A4DB20E84218E39156CCBE1B44770F8A4794B6BA382C30B0D93B1A5FF10DC3E827F7431B90196249CEC5A796F4EFC20B5D82588C68DC83AA0C94FE52 ✔
CoreOS MD5: 3C4A4CE7A46E109E9E9A4D3FD4FAC2CE


So it turns out there are actual static/dynamic fixed areas within the CoreOS - after which it becomes truly random.


I am sure there is more I can find in the NOR.


I think the next update will have better validation within the repetition spectrum.


Edited by BwE
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Hi Bro , today I dumped the flash from my ps4 on 4.05, I thought that if you need it for your searches I can send it to you but if so, where can I send it to you?
The console works perfectly because I used it very little but your validator gives me 2 warnings, if you were willing to take a look at the file, before solder back the flash I would like to know if the warnings are normal or if it was a mistake in reading, anyway I think I have not made mistakes in the wiring, but here are you the expert ;)


EDIT: These are the two warnings!









Edited by OldBrain
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  • Developer
8 hours ago, OldBrain said:



Hi Bro , today I dumped the flash from my ps4 on 4.05, I thought that if you need it for your searches I can send it to you but if so, where can I send it to you?
The console works perfectly because I used it very little but your validator gives me 2 warnings, if you were willing to take a look at the file, before solder back the flash I would like to know if the warnings are normal or if it was a mistake in reading, anyway I think I have not made mistakes in the wiring, but here are you the expert ;)




Anyways, those warnings are totally normal and expected even. For some mystical reason some PS4's simply have gaps in that section. I don't know why so I classify it as a warning rather than OK.


99.9% of PS4's that have that warning are OK. But HEY! It fits the criteria of - something is missing - so a warning is a good response!


TLDR; your PS4 is fine, you can upload a copy of the NOR to anonfile.com or mega etc and send me an email - or PM

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Ok, thanks for the explanation, I wanted to check the dump because I had downloaded the flash through FTP when I was on fw 1.75, (more than a year and a half ago)  but verifying with your validator I understood that we do not get a valid dump through FTP from the hdd.
Check your PMs ?

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  • 2 weeks later...



Hi, in waiting to know what you think of the dump I sent you I'm here to ask a little extra help, in the picture below I highlighted the three components that I removed from the track of the pin VCC, even if the track is still connected with other points of the motherboard, my problem is that I do not remember the direction in which the diode was mounted, so I thought to ask you if by chance, you had at hand a similar motherboard to check and then let me know, obviously without obligation, but I hope you or someone else can help me



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  • Developer

@OldBrain :)


I do not have that motherboard on me at the moment, sorry! 


Only a SAB-001, which is framed. Haha! 


Edited by BwE
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Ok, thanks anyway, I have to solve this damn problem ?

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  • Developer

Hey I am on version 1.3.8 now! Enjoyyyyy!




I discovered weird results where an almost identical section in CID will be placed in UNK but only in slim consoles -- why slim? Ahh this is getting frustrating to validate!


The issue is, I have written everything already - validated byte by byte. Then suddenly I get a new dump from a customer/user of my program and they have an error. Turns out the error is an entirely new block of data that only HIS flippin console has. I then get another dump a week later and that dump also has that block of data. Will people stop updating their consoles so the dumps can remain the same?!




I have a lot of dumps, but almost all were unlabeled by their donators and the ones I have, I kinda forgot to label them properly also. So most of my dumps are without version information. I have been told of ways to determine the fw version but I have found it unreliable. I think I have a solid way of doing it, but the issue is I cant CONFIRM it.


So once again, if there are people out there with a collection of nicely LABELED dumps, please send them my way!!!





Edited by BwE
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  • 11 months later...

Hello BwE and everyone in this topic.


I'm trying to fix a ps4 CUH-1008A with BLOD that I bought for parts recently. Reballing everything didn't yielded any results, so I tried to check if it's a software issue and found this program.


I validated my dump (it says it's version 7.00) and my results are as follows:


Repetition Checks:
Static Repetition Check: ✔
Dynamic Repetition Check: ✔

Entropy: 7.53 (94.13%) ✔
FF: 3965654 (11.82%) ✔
00: 817474 (2.44%) ✔

Final Count:
OK: 475
Warning: 2
Danger: 0
Unlisted: 1

Here are this warnings:

UNK Dynamic Section 14:
0000000000000000000000000000000000006200000000000000000001000000000000000000000001 ✔
UNK Filler 1:
'AC' found at offset: 0x1CA1A8 [WARNING]
'3C' found at offset: 0x1CA1A9 [WARNING]
'57' found at offset: 0x1CA1AA [WARNING]
'F2' found at offset: 0x1CA1AB [WARNING]

UNK Dynamic Section 51:

SLB2_3 Filler 1: ✔
C0010001.bin MD5: 8EA979BFE9CA53D1B04B086D5B577746 [UNLISTED]
C0010001.bin Entropy: 8.00 ✔
C0010001.bin Alternative Validation: ✔

Is this ok or this dump is damaged? And if it is, is it possible to fix? Sorry if these are noob questions, this is the second time I'm repairing a ps4, never had to deal with its NOR earlier.


If full log, dump, or any other files are needed I'll send them. 




Edit: also, here's the results from BwE NOR statistics utility:

Entropy: 7.53 (94.13%) - OK
FF: 3965654 (11.82%) - OK
00: 817474 (2.44%) - DANGER


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  • Developer

Hey! Updated the original post! Yes I am still updating this program lol <3

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