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Senaxx Closes His Scene File Hosting Site

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For around ten years long time scener @Senaxx ran a popular website where he hosted all the downloads available fro the scene, the site started of as PS3SceneFiles, but as the PS3 scene slowed down and the PS Vita scene and PS4 scene became more popular, Senaxx decided to reinvent the website as PlayStationSceneFiles, where PS Vita and PS4 files were hosted.



I think the website was extremely valuable and i feel sad that i did not upload to it regularly, so many things to do and not enough time makes it hard, i am also a bit annoyed, annoyed that developers didn't utilise the website for their files, it was a place that their files were guaranteed not to be taken down by some stupid DMCA.


Thank You Senaxx for all the time you spent maintaining the site and uploading files, i just hope to see you active again some day and a reemergence of your website.


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