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UK Black Friday Gaming Deals 2018


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  • GregoryRasputin

It is that stupid time of the year again, where people go crazy and buy shit they normally wouldn't buy, or buy those things they have been wanting for a long time.

 Black Friday used to be a physical store only thing, but for a long time it has been also on the internet, no longer do you need to leave the house and get germs from all those assholes going crazy for some stupid deal, you can do it at home, whilst lying on the sofa naked, obviously with the heating on.




   Below i will post a bunch of links to various websites that have deals, the ones from Amazon will have affiliate links, they will not cause you any extra or cause you to have a higher price of product, they simply give me a very tiny commission of like 3 pence for each item sold, which goes a little way towards helping pay for keeping this website along with the Wiki's and Console History sites alive, if you don't want to use my links, just search for the item on Amazon.



If you don't have Amazon Prime yet, it should be something you get if you use Amazon quite a lot, you will get free postage, TV Shows, Movies and some Music:

Amazon Prime

12 Month Xbox Game Pass - £47.99

12 Month PS Plus - £39.99(Cheaper on CDKeys)

Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy Xbox One - £20.49

The Witcher 3 Game Of The Year PS4 - £13.49

Doom PS4 - £6.10

Steep Road To The Olympics PS4 - £8.99

Steep Road To The Olympics Xbox One - £9.99

Sony Playstation 2 'PS2' to HDMI Converter Adapter - £14.49

Compact Travel Backup Battery Pack for Nintendo Switch - £32.95

2 x 6.5ft Braided Micro USB Cables - £7.99



CD Keys

All these items are digital only:

Minecraft Xbox One - £7.99

Minecraft Explorer's Pack DLC For Xbox One £0.99p

Minecraft Story Mode Complete Xbox One - £2.99

Middle Earth Shadow Of War Xbox One - £12.99

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Xbox One - £22.99

12 Month PS Plus - £36.99





This wonderful place has a host of stuff i just can't afford, it even has some of those anime characters in weird poses:

Remote Play Assist For PS Slim - £16.11











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