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PS4-Host-ESP8266-5.05-5.07 v0.02 no cache



PS4-Host-ESP8266-Firmware-V0.02-for ((5.05-5.07)) no cache

{ payloads list includes}

HEN 1.8 - 1.7 - 1.6 MIRA+HEN BackUp App2Usb FTP Dumper VR VR + HEN 1.8

DISCDump 50X

Disable -Enable ((ReactPS+)) Disable- Enable ((Updates))


no cache in this version 0.02.

PS4 WiFi Settings (EASY)

Network: PS4 Password: 11111111 (8x1)

Connect to the Internet" Test internet connection

and run payloads as usually (browser).

use NodeMCU-PyFlasher 3.0 to Upload firmware in file.bin format





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