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[Released] X-Project 5.05 Self Host v1.5.2 By @DefaultDNB And @leeful74

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Long time scener and developer @DEFAULTDNB has updated his popular self hosting application for the PS4, X-Project has reached version 1.5.2, here are the changes in the software:




V1.5.1 Zecoxaos Birthday edition (ESP version only):
+ Added HEN 1.8.
+ Added AUTHDUMP 2.0

1.5.2 Change log (REGULAR version only):
+ Updated X-Project DEBUG toggle message (on/off).
+ Added FW/VR spoof detection.
+ Fixed bug in network loading caused by styling experiments (props @Leeful)
+ Added custom BG: if wallpaper.png/wallpaper.jpg present, if not it defaults to black bg (W!ck3d_Cl0wn's idea), can be cached.
+ Modified all GTA/BO3 (etc) payloads to load HEN 1.8 instead.
+ Modified launch: L1 = QUICK HEN 1.8+VR, R1 = QUICK FTP+R/W.
+ Added BINLOADER to first column menu.
+ Added HEN 1.8 +VR.
+ Added LOTUS Menu 1.01 for GTAV.
+ Added DEBUG Menu 2.0 for TLOUR.
+ Added DEBUG Menu 2.0 for UC4.
+ Added DEBUG Menu 2.0 for UCTLL.
+ Added PS4REN.
+ Added PKG BACKUP V3.
+ Added DISC DUMP.
+ Added SYSCALL 9.
+ Added SAVE MOUNTER 1.1.
+ Added MEMAPI 1.0
+ Added PlayEngine 2.0
+ Updated APPTOUSB to V4.
+ Updated PC/USB tools to latest.
+ Updated Credits section.
+ Moved TEST KIT payloads into hidden debug section (and changed icons) SHOW MODE payloads are ONLY FOR TEST KIT.
+ Moved OrbisAFR into tools category.
+ Removed seconds tick from time display (annoying!)
+ Altered text in info ("Cookie Tracking" & "Lan/WiFi enabled")
+ Fixed info display style and adjusted some bits in css.



Buy the developer a coffee or some cheap lube...

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thanks for adding my tool to this but you used an older version of it :P


i will be updating it soon just been so busy with work and trying sort things out for xmas, going to make it even more n00b friendly as some ppl are still not sure how it works... shame game modders haven't popped up now the tools are out there... theres a guy on another forum using it to make ripkit versions of games but hes not really ripping much out of them lol


im also planning on releasing my mega mod for the game BULLY on ps4 i made it for pc then android and it was massive hit on android scene not sure if many will play on ps4 now though lol

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