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[Rumour] The PlayStation 5 Will Be 4K Ready And Have An Eight Core Processor


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  • GregoryRasputin

Rumours, rumours and even more rumours is all we will get up until the PlayStation 5(PS5) is released, some will be laughable, some will be plausible, some will be false and some will be true, but not will actually carry solid proof until Sony actually reveal the machine.




Sony have already stated that they are working on a next gen machine and other rumours suggest that developer machines have been sent out to developers.


Recently a Reddit user by the name of "RuthenicCookie", who posted that Sony won't be at E3 in 2019, has also made some big claims about the PS5, such as:

  • Will be revealed in 2019.
  • Will be released in March or November 2020.
  • Will cost $500.
  • AMD Ryzen eight core processor.
  • Custom GPU Based on AMD's Navi Architecture.
  • Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima will  be launch titles.


PSVR 2 will also be released at some stage and will have a built in camera and the breaker box will be inside the PS4.


Remember these are all just rumours and there is no proof that they are legit, we can just hope they are :)






Thanks @zecoxao for the tip.

Thanks @StarMelter for letting me steal your image. 


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