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PlayStation Classic Uses Open Source Emulator

Will you be buying the PlayStation Classic?  

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  1. 1. Will you be buying the PlayStation Classic?

    • Yes, i have more money than sense
    • Hell no, i can make a better version

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I am sure by now you have heard of the PlayStation Classic, the tiny replica of the original PlayStation, with twenty games embedded what we did not know is what hardware or software the device runs, however we found out on Thursday thanks to an article by Kotaku that the PlayStation Classic runs the open source Emulator PCSX Rearmed




Sadly it seems to be a bastardised version of the Emulator and doesn't have many of the great features that PCSX Rearmed has if you were to use it on a PC, i cannot suggest anyone buys the PlayStation Classic, yes it looks awesome, but for the same price, you could buy a damaged original PlayStation, a Raspberry Pi, and SD card and a control pad and install PCSX on your Raspberry Pi, then fit the Raspberry Pi inside the PlayStation case.


The Raspberry Pi isn't the only device you could get to put inside a PlayStation case, there are a multitude of devices you could use, PSTV, Nintendo Wii and many more, you could even grab a small PC motherboard and mod it in there, there is really no reason to spend all that money on a PlayStation Classic that has a miserable line up of games, when you could do so much more and have so much fun creating your own PlayStation Classic


Will you be buying the PlayStation Classic?

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I think one of the big factors in people buying these are for the novelty of it and the fact that it is made by the original manufacturer ( in some sense (sorta)). The fact that they used a emulator and stripped some features is not surprising but still kind of lame. 


Edit: On another thought they are fully capable of writing their own emulators above everything else didn't they do just that for something to do with Parapa. Did they mainly use the emulator for the existing aesthetics? 

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Well if its using an OS emulator the chances of hacking it and adding the "full version" of the emulator drastically increases, as well as adding your own roms/images.


But as Zander pointed out, most people probably buys these things for the novelty, maybe plays a bit on them, then places them on the shelve for display.


Still though, unless the PSClassic actually comes as open source(no need to hack it), using open source code is quite naughty. According to the GNU General Public License v3.0, when delivering a product with compiled/closed source which is based on open source, the manufacturer must provide the sourcecode in its entirety upon request, to anyone who wants it as far as I understood.


PCSXR seems to require the following:



  •  Commercial use
  •  Modification
  •  Distribution
  •  Patent use
  •  Private use
  •  Liability
  •  Warranty
  •  License and copyright notice
  •  State changes <- (changes to the code must be documented)
  •  Disclose source <- (source code must be made available when the software is distributed)
  •  Same license



Will be interesting to see whether Sony will abide by that licencing or not.



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