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[Released] OpenESPHost v1.7

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baptistecdr has updated his Open Source software for use with an ESP8266 Wi-Fi board, this update adds DisDump by stooged, here is what else the exploit host contains:




  • xVortex: HEN
  • xVortex: FTP
  • xVortex: Game Dumper
  • Stooged: Enable VR
  • VV1LD/Stooged: Kernel Dumper
  • Stooged: App2USB
  • Stooged: DB_SG_Backup
  • Stooged: Cache Install
  • Stooged: FS Dumper
  • LightningMods: FTP RW
  • Zer0xFF: React PSPlus
  • ValentinBreiz: Linux Loader
  • MiraDevTeam: MiraFW
  • Stooged: DB_Restore
  • Stooged: DiscDump




@c0d3m4st4 and @DEFAULTDNB have their own versions as well.

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