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[TBT] Sega Mega Drive / Genesis (II)

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The Sega Mega Drive is a 16-bit console that was released in Japan in 1988. The console was then released in the United States under a different name: Sega Genesis because of patent rights. Europe even had to wait until 1990 for it's official release, despite it's popularity with fanatical gamers. The Mega Drive is the third console of Sega and the successor of the Master System.


When the console hit the European market a wide range of games was already available, especially compared with regions where the console was already released. Yet it took Sega until early in year 1990 to search for a new mascot that had to compete with Nintendo's Mario. The search ended with Sonic, a blue (same accent as the Sega Logo) hedgehog. By bundling Sonic: The Hedgehog and the Mega Drive, the company achieved a successful market share increase.



A few years later in 1993 a new version of the console was produced and it was named Mega Drive II. This smaller and lighter version came equipped with a compact motherboard that was more power efficient. The headphone jack vanished much like with today smartphones, although it wasn't replaced.


Technical Sheet:


  • Processor: Motorola 68000 - 16bit Processor with a clock speed of 7.6MHz
  • Co-Processor : Zilog Z80 - 8bit Processor with a clock speed of 3.58MHz
  • Graphic Processor: Sega 315-5313 ASIC (Yamaha YM7101)
  • Sound: Texas Instruments SN76489 - Yamaha YM2612
  • Number of colors : 64
  • Resolution : 320 × 240 (progressive) or 320 × 480 (interlaced)
  • Memory: 72kB RAM and 64kB Video RAM
  • Media: Cartridges
  • Ports: 2 ports for controllers - Expansion port - Composite video - RGB-Video output - headphones
  • Dimensions: 278mm x 215mm x57mm
  • Weight: 2.08 Kilogram


Over the years a large number of emulators that can play Mega Drive (Genesis) I & II roms have been released for different platforms (PC, PSP, PS3, PS Vita, ...) Most of these are available as freeware. So find yourself a good one and give Streets of Rage or Sonic: The Hedgehog a chance.


Source: ConsoleHax



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