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[Update 2] Konami Confirms They Did Not Block The P.T Demo

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Update At Bottom Of Article.

I am sure most of you remember that Konami at one time was an awesome company, that released some of the worlds best games, then something happened and Konami seemed to turn evil, a highly anticipated sequel to the Silent Hill games got cancelled, Konami had the demo removed from the PS Store and you couldn't redownload it even if it was in your download list, then we found out that Konami were complete scumbags to their employees, we thought this is the lowest they could stoop?



According to tweets from well known people in the official gaming scenes, Konami are having a silent patch pushed that disables the P.T demo if you have a playable version on your PS4, so if you are on the most recent firmware and can play P.T, it seems that Konami can send a silent patch to stop you having fun with the demo, here are some tweets and articles:





Notice i have tagged the article as a rumour, the Twitter user "Mike Futter" has deleted some of his tweets, so this could all stem from some stupid troll on Reddit being tweeted by Wario64.

There is one thing, notice the "lock", this type of lock happens when a game does not have access to the license, this happens on Jailbroken consoles a lot, the game/demo is locked when not in jailbreak mode.





This is one of the reasons we hack consoles, if all those great devs out there didn't find exploits and such for us to use, we would have no way of preserving or having ways to play preserved titles.




Well it seems that this was just one big troll, nobody has been able to replicate what was posted by this idiot on Reddit, this was either accomplished by editing the param.sfo on a hacked PS4 or someone had a little fun with PhotoShop, either way it is fake and was done to give someone a little pleasure.

What i do find alarming, is that "Mike Futter" claims that a friend of his had the demo update, is this dude a liar?

Even though this is 99% a fake troll, Konami are still assholes





Thanks to MrMario2011 providing me a link to an article, i can now post a quote directly from Konami regarding the demo:


After our investigation we can confirm that there have been no Konami or PlayStation Network(PSN) update that would have affected or prevent access to the game.



Source 2



If you aren't already subscribed to MrMario2011, you should do so here:


He makes some awesome gaming/hacking related videos.

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Could be for legal reasons, maybe they dont own the right to it anymore. 


Bit extreme to push a silent patch for it though, but Im quite sure they dont do it "just because".

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