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Video Appears To Show P.T Being Installed On PS4 Firmware 6.2

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  • GregoryRasputin

Most of you know about that awesome demo of the Silent Hill P.T game that was released a good while ago on the PS4, then it disappeared when we found out that Konami bosses were a bunch of scumbags, the demo was removed from the PS Store and you couldn't redownload it even if it was in your download list.

 The only way to enjoy the demo from that time, was to either have it already installed on your PS4 or have a hacked console, well it seems there might be a new way to enjoy the demo on the latest PS4 firmware.




The video above shows that installation is possible via an application external from the PS4, it however does not show it being played and there is no proof that this is not a spoofed console, opinions?



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  • GregoryRasputin
1 hour ago, Shiro said:

It's not spoofed , you can see his online friends 


Yeah i found out today that it uses a method that has been known for 3+ years.

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