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SDFiles v10 - Big Update

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SDFiles has been a popular commodity among the Switch scene for awhile worked on by tumGER. It was a pre-compiled from official sources binaries from different developers collection in one place. Now he just released version 10 and seems to have collaborated with several others on it.  Also v10 introduced a plethora of different features. 


A new fad seems to be in the form of toolkits which are homebrew applications that give the user different options to customize stuff. 

Here's the description from gitHub:


SDFiles Toolkit

  • We're happy to announce the SDFiles Toolkit made by our own @WerWolv98.
    With this revolutionary tool you can select your button combination for the album replacement (Homebrew Menu) while in Horizon.
  • This required completely new handlers to the loader and as such is currently an exclusive feature to the SDFiles
  • But that is not everything the Toolkit has to offer! @WerWolv98 also took the time to implement Auto-Boot Configuration - That's right, you can now also select what CFW-option will be automatically booted through this homebrew!
  • and all this combined comes with a beautiful and easy to control GUI!
  • We also thank "zaki-PH27" for the icon of the Toolkit! And @CTCaer, @bodyXY (and thomleg50) for submitting awesome icons you can check out in the "Resources" folder.
  • (This doesn't work when in ReiNX as it requires a custom loader)


SDFilesUpdater from the name I can gleam that it updates the SDFiles package without having to manually transfer files. Here's the blurb on this:




  • @StevenMattera also worked on enhancing one of the SDFiles staple features - The SDFilesUpdater. Over time the SDFiles have changed from a singular product to a modular project and as we want to give you more freedom in your CFW choice, projects such as https://sdsetup.com were created. The SDFilesUpdater was however one of the fastest and easiest way to stay updated with your switch. Today we're announcing a bunch of new changes such as:
  • We also want to show of one of SDFiles biggest goals! Module Selection on your Switch! Yes, you heard it right. You can now select what sysmodule or feature you want on your switch and SDFilesUpdater will automatically update/add it for you! This gives you more customization than any other CFW-package on the market!
  • But there is even more, Steven also worked on Update Channels! This gives you the ability to switch between the stable releases and nightly commits. You will never have to install something manually anymore if you want to test it!
  • And last but not least, a beautiful true-to-horizon GUI.
    Yes, StevenMattera has been working on adding a GUI for ages now and with this update the SDFilesUpdater becomes one of the most beautiful homebrews on the market!


Implemented the new version of Hekate and Atmosphere. 


So a quick run down of the features if you do not feel inclined to read a bunch of stuff:



I think that if you are new to the switch scene and not really sure where to start off you might want to look into SDFiles because while there's a bunch of stuff to it and may seem a tad overwhelming it's basically as easy extracting it to the root of an SD card then you're off. 



Source https://github.com/tumGER/SDFilesSwitch/releases

Also I'll pop a via https://gbatemp.net/threads/sdfilesswitch-gets-a-major-update-with-v10-sdfiles-toolkit-announced.521194/ I saw it here first. 

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