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[RELEASE] - PS4 Cheat PKG's - Easy Cheats (No RTE)

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UPDATE: the cheat pkg i made didnt work so i have made a custom patch for you all using my tool so you can all enjoy the back from the dead mod i made for ps3 lol


Hello all as you know ive been working on my ripkit tool but while doing it i have thought about cheats and putting them into a game. well i have now made it even easier!

this is the only game i have done this on and its only a remake of the ps3 version i made so may be slightly buggy but should be fine.

CHEAT PKG: (Patch for Now)

Dead Rising 2
Mega Mod By RiPPERD

Boosted Money Pickups
All Slot Machines Now Pay Out $1M
Weapons In Safehouse
Weapons In Royal Flush
Increased Attack Damage For Weapons
Increased PP For Weapons
PP Multiplied By 10
Unlimited Use of Weapons
Increased Health From Pickups
Increased Health For Survivors
Descreased Health For Bosses
Teleport From Bathroom of Safehouse
Pocket Any Item
No Vehicle Damage
No Key Needed For Vehicles
Exit From Safehouse Made Closer



does anyone know how i can make it an update pkg to only update the modded files?

my ripkit version of this game works perfectly but the cheat pkg file causes no start

Edited by RiPPERD

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To use this patch you will need to place the game pkg file into this folder and call it original.pkg

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