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[RELEASE] - PS4 RiPKiT/Modding/Cheat Tool By RiPPERD

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PS4 RiPKiT/Modding/Cheat Tool By RiPPERD


This is now fully working!

Usages of this tool:
The main reason for this tool is to make RipKits (smaller game files with things riped out) this is usually language files, videos etc.
However another use is users that dont know how to modify games, add cheats/mod menus, files etc now can... so with the devs/modders posting their patch files made by this tool you will be able to just click a buttom and enjoy modded games... This could be Loads of ammo... Infinite Health... Debug menus etc via either modded eboot.bin file or modded game files.

PLEASE NOTE: Compressing/Making patch file may take a long time depending on your specs!
The app CANNOT crash so just wait!
Decompressing/Applying patch will be a LOT faster than making the patches!
Again the app CANNOT crash!

What does this tool do?
Its an AIO patcher to release a patch file instead of users downloading whole games again.
Back in the PSP and PS3 days this is how RipKits were made... ive made it slightly different now due to windows 10 and other requirements that only work on older versions.

Basic tutorial

(Devs are needed to make the patches)
Download my app
Place the game PKG file into the directory of this app and rename it to original.pkg
make a copy of the game in same folder and rename it to ripped.pkg
open up the modded pkg game file with other ps4 tools
make any changes to the game (remove languages, add cheats etc)
repack the ripped pkg file with your usual tools
now run the tool with both files in same folder
wait... may take while on larger games

you will now have a "patch.RiPPERD" file and a "ripped.gp4" file
these are the files you share with others
These files are now much smaller than previous versions

Download my app and the required "patch.RiPPERD" and "ripped.gp4" file for your game
Place game PKG file, "patch.RiPPERD" and "ripped.gp4" into my app folder
rename game pkg to "original.pkg"
now run the tool with both files in same folder
wait... may take while on larger games
now you will have a ripped pkg with the original file name pkg
copy to usb/ps4

NOTES: files must be called the exact as i typed so... original.pkg ripped.pkg and patch.RiPPERD


V1.5 - MAJOR Update

Code Cleanup
Massive Rework to Patch File Size
Changed GUI - Added Tutorial to About Button
Made it Super n00b Friendly (A Monkey could do it now)
This tool can also now be used to make Modded Games, Cheats, Texture Changes... Anything really... If you mod it this will make a patch for it.


Dead Rising 2 Mega Mod

Boosted Money Pickups
All Slot Machines Now Pay Out $1M
Weapons In Safehouse
Weapons In Royal Flush
Increased Attack Damage For Weapons
Increased PP For Weapons
PP Multiplied By 10
Unlimited Use of Weapons
Increased Health From Pickups
Increased Health For Survivors
Descreased Health For Bosses
Teleport From Bathroom of Safehouse
Pocket Any Item
No Vehicle Damage
No Key Needed For Vehicles
Exit From Safehouse Made Closer
Edited by RiPPERD

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added dead rising 2 custom patch with my old mega mod for ps3! its been revived to ps4! enjoy!

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