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How to test your own sdk homebrew

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HEN 1.8





FTP payload/OrbisMAN

(Optional But Recommended) Mira for usermode logs / UART

Step0:If needed for your homebrew, put ALL resources inside /data/ (specify the path in your homebrew as well)
Step1: Create a folder called self inside data folder (You can use ftp or orbisman for this)
Step2: Launch HEN 1.8
Step3: If needed, launch mira aswell(for logging your homebrew/game while it's being tested)
Step4: Install payload_ldr pkg
Step5: Launch payload ldr (the screen should hang at start)
Step6: Send the main eboot (it MUST be a self file)

sender.py --endpoint eboot.bin

Other options are available but for now i'll only use this one
Step7: Your homebrew should now run and (if you have it) logs should be displayed on putty/some other Telnet/Serial logger

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Just ftp into it and swap it yourself ;)


It would be far quicker than me making and uploading a payload to my ESP, dumping the bin, uploading it, and then you downloading and flashing the bin....

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