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Official wireless Retro NES controllers for Nintendo Switch!

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Nintendo has announced new wireless controllers for it's Switch. The controllers seem to have emerged from the eighties and are intended to play NES games on the hybrid console.




The controllers are charged by connecting them to the Switch dock, but you can not use them as Joy-Cons. Presumably the controllers communicate via Bluetooth, which also means they are not wired.


According to the big N the controllers are only available for customers with a paid Switch Online subscription. What this means, or how this will be determined is unclear. My best guess would be that the controllers can only be activated when using Nintendo's NES library.


A set with two controllers will cost 59,99 Euro.








Source: Twitter
Via: ConsoleHax

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22 hours ago, Rautz said:

Its kinda weird seeing drm on hardware like this. I noticed people mention rumors of weekly checking between offline play, surely that won't stick.

That is ridiculous. Hopefully that could get patched out so they work on emulators or Smash. 

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Shame they're putting DRM on this. Would be great for it to be released to everyone. 


Let's see if it makes online subscriptions more encouraging for the end user now. good luck big N!

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