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How to Port games From a Newer version to an older one

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First of all, credits to @Joonie, without him none of this would have been possible.


Things required:


2 PS4s (one in 5.05 preferably, another in the version you wish to port stuff to, like 4.55)
SDK of the older version (don't ask for it, just search a bit)
Hexeditor (such as HxD)
Fpkg tools (specifically https://www.sendspace.com/file/bqsin5 )

Game to port (Something like God of War or the likes)
FTP Payload on 5.05

Filezilla Client

First thing we'll do is find how many modules our game has and which they are.
So we start our game minimized, go to the ftp payload and start filezilla, then navigate to the pfsmnt folder and to the title id for patch.
In the case of God of War, they're libc and libSceFios2.
So we'll grab both of these from our SDK (in this case, 4.50 sdk) and place them in the sce_module folder, replacing the ones existing there (from 5.00 SDK).
Last but not least we grab the eboot from the ftp and we replace the version binary string (search for ORBI, caps, it should be around this location)





And finally, after replacing those strings you can replace the eboot as well and place it under the fpkg creator.

This has been tested by @Joonie and works for some games (cases like 5.05 on 4.55 work for the majority of it but cases like 5.05 on 4.05 don't for the majority so you're on your own to test these)

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