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[Released] Skyrim Special Edition/Fallout 4 Modding Tools (And Video Guide)

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Hello all Skyrim Special Edition or Fallout 4 modders on PS4! In this thread I bring you some of my tools for Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 PS4, as well as my mod methods, these conversion tools open up the doorway for more mod support and more stable mods running! The tools I have included here is a  "mods.txt" EBOOT.BIN patcher tool (only works on certain game updates, for more info look at the video tutorial or the thread on psx-place), Sound/Music converter (.wav/.xwm to .at9), a Voice Dialog converter (PC .fuz to PS4 .fuz), a Texture converter (.dds/.tga/.png to .gnf), and also a BETA animation converter (which can convert old Skyrim mod animations, .hkx, to Skyrim Special Edition PS4). If you don't understand the importance of these tools make sure to check the tabs below so you can read up about them and why they are needed/important. I hope you all enjoy! :D:D




PS4 Jailbreak Skyrim Special Edition Modding Guide (No Mod Limit of 10):


Download: SSE/Fallout 4 PC to PS4 Texture Converter v1.3.2 - (Virus Scan)

Download: SSE/Fallout 4 PC to PS4 Sound/Music Converter v1.2.2 - (Virus Scan)

Download: SSE/Fallout 4 PC to PS4 Voice Dialog Converter v1.1.4 - (Virus Scan)

Download: SSE PC to PS4 Animation Converter BETA v1.1 - (Virus Scan)

Download: PS4 SSE/Fallout 4 EBOOT.BIN Patcher v1.0 - (Virus Scan)


Disclaimer: Do not re-upload any of these tools anywhere without my permission first, also please do not use any of the resources in any of these tools without my permission, thank you.


For more info regarding these tools, please check out the original thread on psx-place here. Thank you!

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Edited by clayson
Updated the voice dialog converter tool to v1.1.4.

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