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[Released] Skyrim CFW/HAN Modding Toolkit v1.0

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Hey PS3 CFW/HAN Skyrim modders! Today I (@clayson of Elite Electronics) am releasing this All-In-One Skyrim Modding Toolkit for CFW/HAN which will be capable of converting a .bsa's file formats to work on PS3, converting plugins to master plugins and vice versa, and also building mods into a .pkg to use on HAN/CFW (which works without Elite Edition, although Elite Edition v3.0 is recommended). This tool can convert Sounds/Music, Voice Dialog, and Animations automatically in a .bsa to work on PS3 Skyrim. Unfortunately no DDX to DDS/DDX to DDS yet, but in the future we hope to include this. So enjoy and if you find any bugs or want any features please write a response on the thread and I will get to you, thanks! :)😀





Download: PS3 Skyrim CFW/HAN Modding Toolkit v1.0 - (Virus Scan)
Disclaimer: Do not re-upload my work anywhere without my permission first, also please do not use any of the resources in this program without my permission, thank you.
Features of Skyrim CFW/HAN Modding Toolkit:
  • Can convert file formats inside .bsa automatically to work on PS3 with a click of a button.
  • Can convert plugins to master plugins and vice versa.
  • Can convert file formats such as Sounds/Music, Animations, and Voice Dialog from PC to work on PS3.
  • Can build mods into working installable .pkg files for HAN/CFW, mod .pkg files don't require Elite Edition, but Elite Edition v3.0 is recommended.



  • @clayson (Programmed the converter tools, researched and reverse engineered certain file formats, and programmed main tool.)
  • @Death_Dealer (Helped research .hkx format and taught me a lot about reverse engineering files. Also researched a lot about DDX files.)
  • valentinbreiz (Helped improve some of the code in the converter tools.)
  • figment (Programmed the unpack bsa function of this tool, code available on his GitHub.)
  • zilav (Programmed the bsa packing function of this program aka "bsarch", code available on his GitHub.)




  • Initial Release


If there is a problem with something here or bug with my tool please PM me on Discord or reply to this thread and tell me. Keep in mind if you mess with any of the folders/files that come with the tool EXPECT errors, I won't help you if you modified any of the files (unless you are trying to add a new game id to the pkg builders, I can make a new version supporting different versions of Skyrim if needed). Thank you! :)
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Good work as always my friend.

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