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h-encore, 3.65-3.68 FW Hack has been released by TheFlow

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             As TheFlow has promised the community to release hacks for versions higher than 3.60, he finally released h-encore which installs Henkaku/TaiHen on the device.


Image result for h-encore

What could i do with h-encore ?
1- install pirated games(PSP/PSVita) .
2- run unofficial apps/games (Homebrews).

3-Custom plugins/modifications .

4-If you are still on 3.65 or below, you can update to 3.68 to run games required higher FW.


What is the difference between FW 3.65,3.67, and 3.68 ?

1-3.65 Users will be able to install Enso, a Custom Firmware for the PSVita, which boots Henkaku at the booting process automatically.

2-There is no a big difference between both 3.67 and 3.68. The most advantage that those two FWs has is the ability to run required newer Fw games


 How do i Hack my Vita ?

1- If you are below FW 3.65, Update your PSVita to FW 3.65 or above by two methods :
A- Updating manually to FW 3.65 Using qcma.

Use this site to find the Specific FirmWare : DarkSoftware

Follow the instructions in the video below:







B-Updating Directly to FW 3.68 by going Settings>System Updates.

2-If you are on the right Firmware ....Click Here and follow the steps given:


Here are some links to put in consideration:


1- Enso

2-Adrenaline(a PSP Emulator)

3-NoNpDrm v1.2(fake license

4-How to install plugins


Sources :

2- Wololo



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