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PS4 SDK Updated For Firmware 5.05

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So the PS4 5.05 hack has been out for a while, yet no one has created any homebrew for the console, developers claiming they don't want to use the official Sony SDK have hidden away, now they can stop being lazy as @bigboss has updated his SDK for use on firmware 5.05, here is a quote from the source:






ps4sdk is a modular open source SDK for the PS4 with userland and kernel support.


The SDK currently supports most of the standard C library, various FreeBSD 9.0 userland and kernel, as well as some SCE functions.


It is designed to be adaptable to new firmwares and entry points and new reverse engineered functions can be integrated into the SDK, by adding headers, function signatures and their names to the list of function stubs.


Currently, running user and kernel code on firmwares ~5.05 is supported.




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