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CUSA07713 Monster Hunter ps4cheater 5.05

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simple pointer|pointer|4 bytes|@4424C90_3_15CC90+10+10+10+10+10+40+60+6C|data|4 bytes|989639|0|Money|
simple pointer|pointer|float|@523E5C8_3_F765C8+7A0+148+0+8F0+10+10+8+64|data|float|100|1|Health|

tested and working...

(just started game again, on ps4 this time so codes will be updated as i find them)

to find more values of items such as rations and other crafting material you already have just select the location of health and search for what you need.. worked 3 times in a row after hard reboot.


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new codes/ values
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Just went to do more sniffing and seems everything but the health and money change. Once you find one value outside of the health and money they are in same location at time as you can see above. 

The items do stick after saves so load up when you find em. Those took me maybe 5 minutes.


SEE ABOVE for details.


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im a ediot
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cant seem to use this  sys something invalid 

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