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Win A ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board For PS4

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On July the 31st 2018 PlayStationHaX will be four years old.




The front page blog was created first, then the forum was created later after several people requested it,  in the time since the forum opened we have amassed 4,642 threads, 34,786 posts and 2420 members, we went from a separate WordPress front page to one being integrated into the forum.


To celebrate the forums websites birthday, we are holding a competition, where you can win a ESP8266 Wi-Fi Board, for use with exploiting your PS4, if you don't have a PS4, there are a million other things you could use it for, so feel free to enter even if you don't have a games console.



How To Win?

You need to be a member of the forum and create a post below containing the following:

A PlayStation related image with the round PlayStationHaX logo implemented into it like this:


It doesn't have to be as big as that, it just has to blend into the image.

It must contain something related in some way to any of the PlayStation consoles or devices released.


Here is the PlayStationHaX logo that you need to add to the image:



The competition will end on the 31st of July and the winner will be picked via a random number.


Good luck and have fun :)



Thank You @Derf for letting me post this on your Subreddit ❤️


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8 hours ago, staylecrate said:

Is it just the Wi-Fi board or does it come with any other iot type things?


It is just the Wi-Fi board, it is a cheap but useful gift being given away to celebrate the forums birthday, here is some information on the board:


ESP8266 is a highly integrated chip designed for the needs of a new connected world. It offers a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi networking solution, allowing it to either host the application or to offload all Wi-Fi networking functions from another application processor. 


  • ESP8266 CP2102 NodeMCU LUA ESP-12E WIFI Serial Wireless Module
  • Built-in Micro-USB, with flash and reset switches, easy to program
  • Full I/O port and Wireless 802.11 supported, direct download no need to reset
  • Arduino compatible, works great with the latest Arduino IDE/Mongoose IoT/Micropython

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*Bump* We are looking for more entries. 


Tell your friends to enter for a chance to win one of these delux ESP8266 Wi-Fi Boards for ease of access with all your jailbreak hosting needs.

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