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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 CUSA05787 (ps4 cheater 5.05)

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data|3|2444C|4 bytes|99999|0|Money|
data|3|1C52C|4 bytes|999|0|Ability Links|
data|3|6BDA0|4 bytes|99999|0|Main Character EXP Sora|
data|3|243CC|4 bytes|99999|0|Main Character EXP Ryku|


Kingdom_Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue CUSA05787


simple pointer|pointer|byte|@67ECB78_3_B78+78+734|data|byte|90|0|P1 Inf HP Sora / Ryku|
data|3|2444C|4 bytes|133349|0|Money|681044C
data|3|6BDA0|4 bytes|100396|0|EXP Sora / Ryku|6857DA0
data|3|1C62C|4 bytes|8000|0|Sora Ability Links|680862C
data|3|1C52C|4 bytes|9999|0|Ryku Ability Links|680852C
data|3|24364|4 bytes|1336|0|Droplets Sora|6810364
data|3|243E0|4 bytes|333|0|Droplets Ryku|68103E0


untested, havent had a chance yet.


source. master cheat list

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