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[Released] MSF Converter v1.5.1 - PS3

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Hello playstationhax users! Today I (@clayson) present to you the MSF Converter which supports converting .wav/.xwm files to .msf, .msf is an audio format used in some games such as Skyrim (so yes, this can be used to convert .wav/.xwm to .msf for Skyrim and it will work). There are still plenty of features I plan on adding to this tool, but the base tool is complete and works quite well according to testers. 😀



Download: MSF Converter v1.5.1
Virus Scan


Disclaimer: Do not re-upload my work anywhere without my permission first, also please do not use any of the resources in this program without my permission, thank you.



[Q] Some of my .wav files have not converted to .msf!
[A] Check the conversion log, sometimes there is problems with .wav files.

[Q] How can I re-create a game's .msf file?
[A] At the moment my tool cannot detect this, however it's a planned feature. If you would like you can send me a .msf and I will find out it's properties and then create a template.

[Q] Why can't I modify the bitrate of my MP3 output .msf files? Can you allow me to?
[A] You cannot modify bitrate because it messes with how templates work (will work on fixing this), however if you MUST modify the bitrates I can create a special version of my .exe for you (no "Save Template" button though).



  • Can convert .wav/.xwm to .msf .
  • Has abilities to search entire directories or add single .wav file(s).
  • Has many advanced options for .msf including looping options.
  • Nice conversion log with ability to save conversion log.
  • Uses templates so you can share .msf creation templates with other people to make everything easier.


Features Planned:

  • More settings including setting to backup .wav files.
  • More MSF options if needed by users.
  • Ability to modify MP3 .msf bitrate and highest bitrate (read FAQ if you want to know why it's not possible right now).
  • Error instantly notifies user and is easy for you to see.
  • Ability to drag and drop MSF Templates or .wav files.





  • Added ability to drag and drop folders containing .wav/.xwm.
  • Better method of storing .wav/.xwm to convert.
  • Fixed minor bugs and glitches.



  • Added ability to convert .xwm to .msf.
  • You can now drag and drop .wav/.xwm files into listbox which will be added.
  • Skyrim template by @clayson has been updated.
  • Fixed minor bugs and glitches.



  • Initial release



@clayson (Created the main "MSF Converter.exe")

valentinbreiz (Helped me code "MSF Converter.exe")
tiroden (Created the icon used in this tool.)

If you contributed and I forgot to credit you please let me know and I can fix that, thanks!


Keep in mind this tool is in it's early stages so if you mess with its files expect the tool to show off errors, if you find bugs report it to me via PM or on Discord thank you.

Join the PlayStation Game Modding Discord!



Edited by clayson
Updated MSF Converter from v1.4 to v1.5.1, added stuff to thread.

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Ps4 5.50 jailbreak realease date ??

Can anyone talk me.....


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7 hours ago, Ak007 said:

Ps4 5.50 jailbreak realease date ??

Can anyone talk me.....



Yes we can talk toy you.


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Quotes for changelog got messed up it seems, and I cannot fix it unless I remove everything in the quote. :(

I am just gonna keep the thread this way unless an admin/moderator can fix this thank you.

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