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5.55 Update already exploited by MathieuLH ?

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A few days after the 5.55 system update for the ps4, the developer MathieuLH has tweeted some nice thing. In fact this is a provocative tweet against Playstation. In this tweet he show the timestamp of the update wich only Playstation can know.

So, we can suppose that he has already fully exploited this update like on 5.53

Don't ask for a release of an exploit but keep the update of your console as low as possible.



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On 5/22/2018 at 6:23 PM, ImMrNiato said:

ovocative tweet against Plays

I have two PS4. one is fat and on 4.55 fw and other is pro with 5.50 fw.

I'm not looking for kexploit or release date. But i want to know what is the next firmware version that going to have kexploit ?

I want to sell my fat ps4 and have hack on pro and i want to know should i update my pro to 5.55 and update my games or stay on 5.50??

As always devs say stay on lower firmware as you can. Thats the reason i asked this question.

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