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ATTENTION - There Is No Online PS4 Jailbreak - There Is No 5.5x Jailbreak - Beware Of These Scammers

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I really hate wasting my time on stupid things, when i could be doing so much more enjoyable things, but i have to create this article because there are a group of sleaze bags convincing people to update their consoles to 5.50/5.53/5.55 in order to have a non existent "Jailbreak" which gives online access. this Jailbreak is fake and does not exist, the group are the following:





This is the infamous scene clown Umar, if you have not heard that name before, ask someone on PlayStation Homebrew Discord  or you can ask on DarkSoftware Discord, i think @centrino is a big fan of his, so perhaps mention him when asking, or simply just join the server and as "Who is Umar", you will be told all the stupid things he has done, he has trolled a lot and been incredibly annoying, he usually is the butt of everyone's jokes.



This guy seems to be the ring leader of the idiot group and the one spamming the fake tweets the most. 



If you were part of the PS3 scene, you would have unfortunately heard of the lame Team SGK, they took other peoples work such as CFW and put their own name on it.



Andrew is a YouTuber who has hosted a video on his channel that claims to be a Jailbreak for 5.53 which also has online access, this is 100% fake, i wrote an article about him here:
Scene Warning - Do Not Trust YouTube Videos By @RSPxAndrew2007x Aka Andrew2007 | xAndrew2007x



If you are following any of those guys on Twitter, unfollow and block them, also unsubscribe from Andrew as he is making money from scamming you when you watch his fake videos.



Here is Umar trying to convince r00tbeer to update to 5.50:





Now that firmware 5.55 is released, they are saying the will be releasing a 5.55 Jailbreak with online access.



You need to understand that everything they say is a lie, if you are on any firmware below 5.05 and update to 5.5x, you will lose the ability to have a Jailbreak, perhaps permanently, so do not update past 5.05 regardless of what anyone tries to convince you to do, here is a list of of other people who create fake videos:



This idiot has been posting fake KExploit videos for a LONG time, half his Twitter followers are fake and i am sure he has bought a ton of those YouTube subscribers.



Follow honest sources and trustworthy news sites, below i will post links to trustworthy sources that will only give you legit and real news and information:

Trusted PlayStation Scene Developers









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