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vsh_4k_mode on PS4 FAT in the Debug Setting ?

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Yesterday I was using the payload from @LightningMods_ on my 4.55 PS4 Testkit FAT, trying to do some modifications. 


So, I go to /system/priv/settings and found some XML files.


I open them, trying to do some modification and replaces them. After that, I went to the Debug Settings --> Boot Parameters and saw a new thing that I never seen before.


This is called vsh_4k_mode.




After a reboot it disappear.



So I open up the files and as you can see I saw the vsh_4k_mode on the XML but I still don't know how I enabled it 





Also in the SDKs document the mode never appear 




Same for all theses settings !


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Can you switch it on, does something happen even if you don't reboot?



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