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PlayStation Now to feature PlayStation 2 games!

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PlayStation Now will add twelve PlayStation 2 games to it's library this month. The news is confirmed by Sony on the official PlayStation Blog. The games are: Dark Cloud, FantaVision, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Chronicle, Okay: Shadow King, Arc the Lad (Twilight of Spirits), Everybody's Tennis, Wild Arms 3, Kinetics, Ape Escape 2, Forbidden Siren and Primal. New trophies were also added to them.


We don't know yet if more PlayStation 2 games will be added to the streaming service. PlayStation Now is available on both PlayStation 4 and Windows computers, without the need to install a game locally. A minimum download speed of 5mb / s is necessary for optimal use.


Do you have a subscription on the service? Are you looking forward on streaming PlayStation 2 classics? Please let me know!





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